TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Issue 4, 2009

Coming Up Fast! Tomorrow, in Fact!

TaxMama’s® August 5th workshop on Hobby Losses will help you avoid getting audited in the first place and will help you win audits that do come up. For more details on CSEA check out this link:

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Special note to folks who register at and wonder why you keep getting error messages.

You can’t get access to class without paying. If you are just looking for more information about

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IRS News

Well, you’ve heard how the public is going crazy over the Cash for Clunkers program. Tonight Charles Gibson will run this report on ABC World News tonight – The Death of a Clunker.
Of course, he doesn’t address why they are crushing the cars instead of stripping them…

This is your opportunity to improve the tax system! Yes, really, YOU can change the world – at least the IRS world.
IRS is asking YOU to submit to the Industry Issue Resolution (IIR) Program tax issues for resolution that involve a controversy, dispute or an unnecessary burden on business taxpayers.,,id=211641,00.html

News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course

Boy oh Boy! People are passing Part I like crazy! In fact, one of the students who missed by 5 points the first time just passed with flying colors this weekend! (Shhh…..don’t tell anyone – she never believed she could pass at all…) Congratulations!

Yes, we finally received the Gleim materials – and shipped them all out yesterday. We had quite a shipping/packing party. Who knew it could be so much fun?

We had our first Part II Final Review quizzing session this weekend – all about Partnerships. Definitely cleared up questions for people. And we had a lot of fun!

In fact, since this was after our discussion of the Schedule C sample return and the Partnership sample return homework, this brought everything into Special Enrollment Exam perspective.

Live Course Part 2 and Part 3…and Part 1

Remember that you can still sign up for Parts 2 and 3 of the Live Course. Part 2 is in progress right now. Part 3 starts on August 25. We will run Part I again in the fall for those registering for the live course in July. You can register for the Live Course here.

Note: We are considering offering a special session on non-residents, due to popular demand.

Self-Study Course – Any Time

Don’t worry if you have missed the Live course for Part 1 or can’t make the dates for Part 2 and 3. The Self Study course is still a great way to learn at your own pace, on your schedule and with access to all AUDIO and VISUAL materials online from your office, your home, the beach or the International space station – anywhere your laptop, mp3 player, iPhone or Blackberry will take you. You can register at any time but why not do it now and get started on your way to a new, recession proof career – Register here.

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