The EA Exam and therefore this EA Exam course is broken down into three parts (and 2016 dates):

  • Part 1 – Individual Taxation – May 7 – June 18
  • Part 2 – Business Taxation – June 7 – August 20
  • Part 3 – Representation, Practice & Procedures – August 30 – October 22

(Yes some Part 1 classes are include in Part 2 – that’s why the dates overlap)

Click on the tabs below below for more details including 2016 course dates on each part of the exam.

Part 1 – Individual Taxation

Orientation is on Saturday May 7 2016 at 8:00 am to 10:00 am (PACIFIC)

Part 1 Classes start Thursday May 12 and run through June 18

Note: If enough new people sign up for the Live Course mid-year, we will repeat the Part I course in the Fall

Dates are subject to change

If dates are not compatible with your schedule, check out TaxMama’s® Self Study Course – it contains all the notes and audio recordings of the live classes but allows you to learn in your own time

What You Will Learn

The course will include TaxMama’s® special twists, teaching you more than tax law – you’ll learn:

  • how to draw clients out and get information from them
  • how to protect your practice from client conflicts and lawsuits
  • how to maintain an ethical practice, in the face of client ‘persuasion’ to assist them in little falsehoods
  • how to find loopholes to help cut taxes legally
  • how to find the information you need to address a client’s issues
  • how to prepare an individual tax return – from inception to filing
  • Personal attention from TaxMama to guide you
  • Study Buddies to work with



  • Gleim’s EA Part 1 book and test prep software
  • Fast Forward Academy EA Exam testing software
  • Access to study buddies and study buddy teams
  • Access to free conference systems to study with buddies
  • The Tax Book WebLibrary (included in Live class only, with all three parts ordered)
  • TaxMama’s® book Deduct Everything! (For Part 1)
  • TaxMama’s® book Small Business Taxes Made Easy (for Part 2)
  • Special tools and cheat sheets available nowhere else

Course Outline

Orientation – Familiarity with Materials Homework assignments and Study Buddy arrangements
Lecture 1 – The big Picture – Overview of the U.S. tax return
Lecture 2 – First piece – Exemptions & Filing Requirements & Names
Lecture 3 – Favorite piece – Income – Interest, Dividends, Social Security Income, Retirement Income
Lecture 4 – Juicy piece – Overview of Adjustments to Income
Lecture 5 – Misunderstood piece- Itemized Deductions and Employee Business Expenses
Lecture 6(a)-(c) – Puzzling Piece – Tax Return Samples
Lecture 7 – Special piece – Credits, Additional Taxes
Lecture 8 – Giving piece – Estate and Gift Taxes
Lecture 9 – Missing piece – Understanding Basis
Lecture 10 – Political piece – Understanding Depreciation
Lecture 11 – Making your piece – Fundamentals of Capital Gains & Losses
Lecture 12 – Extra piece – More Sales and Exchanges

You will get data from sample clients to input into your free software – or your own software. You will get profiles of three different clients, with different levels of complexity. All of them will address theMaking the Work Pay issue.

  • Simple – senior with dividends, interest , pension and Social Security
  • Involved – Couple with children, 1 job and 1 student, owning a home, with child care, green issues
  • Complex – Similar couple, with stock sales, employee business expenses and more

Note: We will not be covering clients with businesses or rentals.