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  • – Part 1 Personal Taxes
  • – Part 2 Business Taxes
  • – Part 3 Representation, Practice & Procedures
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2018 Schedule:

  • Part 1 – May 5 – June 12
  • Part 2 – May 29th through August 11th
  • Part 3 – August 21st through October 20th

(dates are subject to change)

All Three Parts

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Part 1

Personal Taxes


May 5th through June 12th
(dates are subject to change)

Part 2

Business Taxes


May 29th through August 11th
(dates are subject to change)

Part 3

Representation, Practice and Procedures


August 21st through October 20th
(dates are subject to change)

“I think what makes this course special is the class part, that sets the concepts in.The slides are invaluable for going back to also. I will definitely be joining the TaxMama family when I am done.

You know the saying “it takes a village”, well the class, the study buddies, the information available on the site, and the knowledge base in your TaxMama group, has been invaluable in helping me gain knowledge and direction for my tax business. From the tips to your past experiences and passing that on to us. It is a great education.

Thanks again this has been the best money I have ever spent on my business.

Geri Ferger – EA

More Testimonials…

TaxMama’s® Guarantee

If you don’t pass the exam the first time, come on back and take the next class free. You will only pay for the new books and materials that you desire– about $150 – $600.

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There is a minimum cancellation fee of $75.00 in addition to the books and software costs

Note: If a course is ever cancelled (not rescheduled), you will receive a full refund for that portion of the course. In the event a course is cancelled, you will be notified by email at the email address you used to sign up for the course. You will also see a notification in the course interface, in the TODAY’S CLASS link. You will also see a notification in the course’s Twitter feed, so be sure to sign up for it. You will get that information when you register. Unless cancellation is due to an emergency, or unforeseen Internet problem, you will receive notice at least 48 hours in advance of a cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the EA Exam actually cover?

The Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam is split into three different sections, click on the title to see full details:

EA Examination Topics – Part 1 Individuals (100 questions)
EA Examination Topics – Part 2 Businesses (100 questions)
EA Examination Topics – Part 3 Representation, Practices and Procedures (100 questions)

What are the minimum equipment requirements for my computer?

TaxMama’s® Course takes place online using flash based conferencing software from Adobe Connect and iLinc. Please take a minute to check that your computer has the minimum requirements to ensure a hassle free experience – Mac owners should have no problem.

Note: If you plan to pass the EA Exam, you will have to demonstrate that you can follow instructions. Ensure that your computer will work with our conference systems BEFORE signing up for the class. We will not be wasting precious class time helping you get your system to work!

Here’s a link to the pages with more details to help you.

links to both systems to test the computers:
Adobe Connect – https://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-connect/kb/connection-test-connect-meeting.html

ilinc – https://taxmama.ilinc.com/perl/ilinc/lms/systest.pl

You must have a headset with a noise-cancelling microphone to participate in the class. It must have a USB connection, to make it easy for your computer to find it. They are not expensive. You can get one from Amazon.com for about $30.”
Please use this link:https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-ClearChat-Comfort-Headset-Black/dp/B000UXZQ42/mywishlistA

How do I apply to take the exam?

IRS has outsourced the management of the EA Exam to an independent testing firm called Prometrics. We have created a special page just for you that outlines what you will need to do to apply for the IRS EA Exam.

What is your shipping policy?

All Materials will be shipped within 3 business days, starting after April 18, 2017

All materials are shipped out via USPS Priority Mail, FOB TaxMama’s® location. They should arrive at your location within three days, unless you are off the USPS beaten path, in which case it may take longer. If you do NOT receive your materials within three days, please contact TaxMama’s office IMMEDIATELY for the tracking information.

Note: We will send your package to the shipping address you provide in your registration. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information. If you do not receive the package due to USPS error or your error, it is your responsibility to sort it out with the USPS. We will reship materials – but you will have to pay for them. You may, of course, file a claim with the USPS for delivering the materials to the wrong place. If you tend to have problems receiving mail as a matter of course, let us know and we will provide you with a quote for the additional cost to insure your package – or for other shipment services.

However, if you do not receive your materials because we typed the wrong address into the label – we will reship at our expense.

Will I pass if I don’t know anything about tax and have no experience?

No. It’s for people who already have experience and education when it comes it taxation. If you want an education, go to college. Although, TaxMama’s® Solving the Tax Puzzle sessions do a great job of giving you sound fundamentals in tax law, tax preparation and client management.

Also, it is true, that many people have passed the EA Exam just by taking this class, without any experience or tax education. But they worked their buns off and studied intensely for three or four whole months! We can’t promise that you will pass the first time. But you’ll get one heck of an education – and you’ll learn how to be a great tax professional! And you’ll get three more shots at passing the exam this year. So, odds are, if you do the work, you’ll pass during this testing window which runs from May 1st and closes at the end of the following February.