TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Issue 8, 2009

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IRS or other Important News

IRS Recently Hosted the Second Return Preparer Program Panel Discussion

The panel covered some well-trodden ground: the perils of turning one’s sensitive tax information to inept amateurs (one panelist relied on NAEA’s original analogy to the licensure of barbers and bad haircuts), the need to protect taxpayers, and the importance of tracking all return preparers. In fact, a requirement for a single identification number seemed to gain support from the entire panel, with requests from the states for a single number to use at the state and federal returns.

The TIGTA spokesman referenced a 2008 audit which revealed that most returns prepared by its sample of unenrolled preparers contained significant errors..

IRS is leaning towards an exam for all unenrolled tax preparers. That means you. Expect news by the beginning of next year.

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