TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Issue 16, 2009

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Prior graduates of our class stay in touch. TaxMama is always ready to help.

This is what Glenda said this weekend:

I am so glad that I took your EA course and passed all parts on the first try.
You took away the fear of the daunting task.

See – the Exam may be tough. But, it’s not terrifying. Do you want to pass quickly? Join us.

Have you passed Part I? Only need Part II and Part III? Here is a special link that will allow you to register only for Parts II and III for only $675 (savings of $160 off the regular price of $835 for the two parts.)

IRS or other Important News

As you realize, the Special Enrollment Examination is administered by Prometric –

There are three exams. The fee to take to take each exam is presently $97.00.
Prometric is expecting to raise the fee to $101.00 as of January 4th.

This season, the Special Enrollment Examination will close on February 28, 2010.
Between now and then, you have time to take each exam up to 4 times.
This year’s exam covers the tax laws related to preparing the 2008 tax returns.

Take note of the numerous tax laws that were passed in 2009.
ALL those changes will be on next year’s exam.,,id=178012,00.html

Self-Study Course – Any Time

Remember, this year’s exam window is open until February 28, 2010. You still have time to pass at least two parts of the exam. Perhaps all three! But, time is getting short. If you want to pass the EA Exam, start now!

The Self Study course is a great way to learn at your own pace, on your schedule. You are welcome to study alone or to find a Study Buddy in TaxMama’s® classes. You have access to all AUDIO and VISUAL materials online from your office, your home, the beach or the International space station – anywhere your laptop, mp3 player, iPhone or Blackberry will take you.

In fact, who knows, you may even be able to upload your class materials to your Amazon Kindle.

You can register at any time but why not do it now and get started on your way to a new, recession proof career – Register here.

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