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Sonya just passed the exams!

I can honestly say that prior to taking your course, my tax experience is limited to having worked in Tom’s office since August of 2009 and personally owning a partnership and several LLCs. I have been working in accounting and finance related industries for the last 12 years, but my exposure to taxes was very limited. I listened your lectures, reviewed your materials, and used the testing tools you included around my chaotic schedule (which includes raising 4 kids under 13, working part-time for a CPA, and co-managing a tool shop and rental properties). With your help, I passed each of the exams the first time. Thanks again. Without your course, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea where to even begin studying for the EA exams. Your course truly provides more than just “what is on the exam”, the information on operating and managing the business has been very useful as well. Your course has truly been worth the investment.


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We have added Gleim’s full, 3-part EA Exam Review course.
All three books and self-quizzing CDs to the course ($269.85)
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You have questions. LOTS of questions. 
I have tried to answer them all. Listen to last week’s discussion.


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Course materials will be sent out in May, when the publishers send them to us.

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