TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Issue 34, 2010

News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course

A note from one student this morning:

"The classes have been amazing!
Being a tax newbie I realize how much I have to learn.

This past weekend, we discussed three tax returns, in depth.
We learned all about:

a) How to dig past what our clients tell us.
b) Where and how to find third-party information about their income online.
c) How to figure out where to enter data into your software when it’s not really clear.
d) Strategies on how to reduce your client’s taxes.
e) We looked at different ways to report the same information – legally.
f) What to ask a client, or discuss with a client, based on the information they provide.
g) What kind of guidance to provide when they can’t pay their balance due.
and much, much more.

Don’t you wish you were here?

You could be!



Would you believe it? We are all out of books and materials right now.
We are getting another shipment by Monday! But you can log in and
use all the online materials for the course – and watch all the replays.

Order before April 16 & get the TaxMama Tax Tote




What happens if you register now?

1) You can replay the Orientation – and the first five Lectures.

2) You will be invited to this week’s classes, which cover:

June 1 – Schedule A
June 3 – Credits and Additional Taxes
June 5 – Final Review Part 1 – 4 hours of intense quizzing

2) Practice Building and Practice Management Tools
You will get access to all the valuable 2009 materials, checklists,
forms and templates and topics you can look up in depth –
to use with your clients on extension – right now.

3) Ask your questions – LIVE
You get invited to TaxMama’s Monthly Tax Roundtables, where you
can bring up your client questions or just get clarification about law
changes as they come up. The next one is on June 24th at 8:00 am PT

Course materials are being shipped now!



The Live EA class $1215 – Three payments of $405.00 each –

The Self-Study class $865 – First payment is $295.00
with two additional payments of $285.00 each.

For more answers:

1) Questions people have been asking, from our last issues.

2) Answers about the EA Exam itself

3) Read the information on the site –
4) Listen to the workshop – Listen to our discussion. ListenRead
Or scroll down on this page to replay a mini-orientation class

Until next time,



Eva Rosenberg – Your TaxMama®

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