TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Issue 42, 2010

News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course

One of our students found some errors in the wording on the Part 1 of
the Exam. I brought this to the attention of IRS and Prometric. They have
reviewed all the questions in the exam and concur. There were some errors.
All those whose scores have been affected have been notified.
Some (few) people will now learn that they passed.

You can thank TaxMama and Wayne M. Davies

Do you want someone fighting for you, too?


TaxMama’s® EA Class News

Someone who just passed Part 1 told me she was utterly terrified the
day before the exam. Almost petrified. Couldn’t even sleep.
Then she did the two things that TaxMama says to do before every EA Exam.
Those two little things totally de-stressed her.
She was able to focus and take the exam calmly.
And passed!

You could, too!
Do you want to know TaxMama’s two secret strategies?



What happens if you register now?

1) You can replay the Orientation – and all of Part 1 ALL Part 1 Final Reviews.
You can replay – Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About the EA Exam,
You have access to other special replays – especially about the new
rules for Registered Tax Preparers.

2) You can replay 15 of the Part 2 Sessions and three Part 2 Final Reviews.

3) You will be invited to this week’s classes, which cover Corporations:
August 10 – S Corporations
August 12 – S Corporation tax return in depth
August 14 – Final Review Part 2 – Estates, Trusts, Farms, and much more!

4) Practice Building and Practice Management Tools
You will get access to all the valuable class materials, checklists,
forms and templates and topics you can look up in depth –
to use with your clients on extension – right now.

5) Ask your questions – LIVE
You get invited to TaxMama’s Monthly Tax Roundtables, where you
can bring up your client questions or just get clarification about law
changes as they come up. The next one is
August 19th at 8:00 am PT

6) You will have fr*e-e registration for TaxMama’s
Tax Workshop for Writers, Bloggers and Journalists.
Course materials are being shipped now!


Party Time from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course

TaxMama and friends will be at the Las Vegas Tax Forum.
Let us know if you will be there.
You will be invited to our party on Monday night BEFORE the forums start.
TaxMama buys Dinner – you buy the drinks


DISCOUNTS from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course

TaxMama Family Members get 10% off TaxMama’s EA Exam Course registration.
Sign up as a TaxMama Family Member first – THEN register for the EA Exam Course.


Accounting Web is a full-resource
website for all accountants and tax professionals.

CPE Link

10% off – Discount Code: TaxMama

Register for TaxMama’s two courses 
Sep 1 at 12:00pm PT – Doing Tax Research Online – for Free
Sep 15 at 10:00 am PT – Understanding Tax Treaties – by Roger B. Adams, EA

Note: Homebuyers credits for Tax Professionals
will be available as a self-study course later this week.

All tax professionals should be members of tax associations.
-->Join NAEA – get a 50% discount on new memberships.
If you are not an EA, you may join as an Associate Member
Print out the order form at

After you fill it in, cross out the $185 fee and replace it with $95.
Write "per J.G. and TaxMama" next to the $95 amount.

Note: You will also need to join the state chapter.


Order before April 16 & get the TaxMama Tax Tote



Everyone gets this nifty TaxMama bag to hold them all.
And other goodies.






Live Part 2 and Part 3 – and full access to Part 1 Replays





Summer Special: Live Parts 2 & 3 – and full access to Part 1 Replays


Live Part 2 and Part 3 – and full access to Part 1 Replays

The Self-Study class $865 – First payment is $295.00
with two additional payments of $285.00 each.

For more answers:

1) Questions people have been asking, from our last issues.

2) Answers about the EA Exam itself

3) Read the information on the site –
4) Listen to the workshop – Read our discussion. ListenRead
Or scroll down on this page to replay a mini-orientation class

Until next time,



Eva Rosenberg – Your TaxMama®

P.S. If you like to take classes live and in-person
These local Classes are starting in August

NAEA is offering an EA Exam Course at the national conference August 8-11

Live, in-person EA Review class is starting in Orange County California
August 7 – October 23 $950 – by Orange County Chapter of CSEA

NATP’s EA Exam Courses are starting in August.
This year, they will be in Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico and Nevada


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