TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Issue 48, 2010

News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course

  • WARNING! IRS has put up Form 23but it is at the old $125 fee
    • Hopefully, they will reduce the fee before Thanksgiving
    • Use Form 23 now, ONLY if you are in a hurry to get your EA designation.
    • Otherwise, be patient and wait. the price will come down
  • Outline from NAEA – Looming tax issues requiring immediate attention by the Legislation are:
    • the remaining tax extenders,
    • the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts (expiring December 31st),
    • the alternative minimum tax “patch” (without which the AMT is expected to hit 23 million Americans in TY10),
    • the estate tax (which, without action to the contrary, will increase from 0 to 55 percent on January 1st)
    • and a continuing resolution to keep the government funded past December 1, 2010 (since none of the appropriations budget bills have been passed this year.)

    Hopefully, something will be done by the Lame Duck Congress before year-end!

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    TaxMama’s® EA Class News

    PASS THE 2010 EA EXAM!

    This is the ideal time to focus on studying.
    Tax Season is over.
    The holidays are coming.

    Give up your holidays for just this ONE SEASON.
    Study hard and you will be able to finish all the exams
    by February 28, 2011.

    Give yourself the gift of more income in 2011 and forevermore.


    Monique Says:

    Feeling pretty good about having one under my belt! 
    I am motivated now to focus on the other 2 parts!!!

    Wouldn’t you like a tax course that gets you so excited?
    A course that you can actually enjoy – and understand?

    TaxMama’s® EA Class News


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    6) Practice Building and Practice Management Tools
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    7) Ask your questions – LIVE
    You get invited to TaxMama’s Monthly Tax Roundtables, where you
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    8) You are invited to monthly live discussions to keep your studies
    on track and answer your questions.

    9) Shhh…don’t tell anyone. But TaxMama does help students with client problems.
    It’s not really a part of the class. But I just can’t bear not to help my students.


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    Accounting Web is a full-resource
    website for all accountants and tax professionals.

    All tax professionals should be members of tax associations.
    -->Join NAEA – get a 50% discount on new memberships.
    If you are not an EA, you may join as an Associate Member
    Print out the order form at

    After you fill it in, cross out the $185 fee and replace it with $95.
    Write "per J.G. and TaxMama" next to the $95 amount.

    Note: You will also need to join the state chapter.

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    For more answers:

    1) Questions people have been asking, from our last issues.

    2) Answers about the EA Exam itself

    3) Read the information on the site –
    4) Listen to the workshop – Read our discussion. Listen Read
    Or scroll down on this page to replay a mini-orientation class

    Until next time,



    Eva Rosenberg – Your TaxMama®

    TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Issue 47, 2016

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