TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Issue 61 2011

News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course

Summer Special! – Live Parts 2 and 3, Self Study Part 1 – Sign Up Today

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TaxMama’s EA Exam Class

  • Part 2 Live classes start this week
  • Lots of students want study buddies like you
  • New resources are being added by enthusiastic students


Give yourself the gift of more income in 2011 and forevermore.


  • The new EA Exam testing window runs from May 1, 2011 – February 28, 2012
  • Existing EAs waiting to renew, CAN now renew your registrations for $30
    • NO, your application is NOT late – Form 8554
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  • Parviz says:
  • Yesterday’s class and all the classes were very interesting.

    Initially I thought I will go with the self study format.
    But now I consider myself lucky to be your Live Class student.

TaxMama’s® course provides such a variety of ways to study that, no matter what our learning style or schedule,

there is something that works for us.
The extra help, guidance, support and cheerleading really helps!

And the extra push to help you build a successful career.

TaxMama helps her students study and pass the EA Exam.
* And TaxMama encourages and guides students through discouragement and depression.
* TaxMama helps students look good to your clients – and mentors her students
learning to be new writers and speakers and pillars of the community.
* And…TaxMama refers clients to her students, too.

TaxMama’s® EA Class News


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Be sure to ‘Apply’ credits before you place your order.
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REGISTER NOW – For The Summer Special
Live Parts 2 and 3, Self Study Part 1

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The Summer Special with Live Parts 2 & 3 and
Self Study Part 1: $1,115 – First payment is $405.00
with two additional payments of $355.00 each.

The Self-Study class $865 – First payment is $395.00
with two additional payments of $235.00 each.

For more answers:

1) Questions people have been asking, from our last issues.

2) Answers about the EA Exam itself

3) Read the information on the site –
4) Listen to the workshop – Read our discussion. Listen – Read
Or scroll down on this page to replay a mini-orientation class

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