TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter Issue 75 2011

News from TaxMama’s EA Exam Course

IRS News

  • Registered Tax Return Preparer Exam is available
  • TaxMama has developed a special 8-hour Self-Study course for the Registered Tax Return Preparer Exam
    • You can take it at CPE Link starting in March
  • Power of Attorney Forms – Form 2848
    • Mabel Sawyer just reminded us –
    • IRS will only accept the NEW Oct 2011 forms after March 1st
    • You will need a separate form for husband and wife, even if they file jointly

    As to TaxMama’s EA Exam Review

    • Good News: You have one extra day this year to take the 2011 EA Exam (Feb 29th)
    • Bad News: You only have 22 days left to take any part of the  2011 EA Exam.

    SIGN UP TODAY! For only ONE PART of the TaxMama’s EA Exam Review – Self-Study Course

    Do you want 10% off on this class= Become a TaxMama Family Member!

    Yes, you DO still have time to pass ONE PART of the 2011 EA Exam.

    Give yourself the gift of more income in 2011 and forevermore.


    • Joe says – Just wanted to let you know that I passed part 1 today in my first try.
      • I don’t have a tax or CPA background so I was very pleased when I saw that I had passed.
    • Dunia says – I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I passed Part I of the EA exam. 
      • Thanks for such a great set of courses.

    You will meet some wonderful, creative, and interesting people in these classes.

    This year’s class is THE best group of students EVER!


    • Students have created FLASH CARDS
    • Students have created AMAZING Quiz Tools and learning materials


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