TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter Issue 81 2012

IRS just issued new guidelines for offers in compromise.
We will be covering them during today’s CPELink class
IRS Practice Series: 10 Steps to Resolving Collection Issues

News from TaxMama’s EA Exam Course

  • Special Live sessions – Everything you Want to Know about the EA Exam
  • The Prometric description of the Part 3 exam, regarding estate tax law is wrong.
    • (Still waiting for them to fix it!) Use 2011 Estate Tax rules.

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News from TaxMama’s RTRP Course

  • The new RTRP exam is now open
  • Immediate scoring has been implemented – instant gratification!
  • TaxMama’s recommendation for improving the ‘open-book’ navigation has been implemented.
  • TaxMama’s new 8-hour RTRP Review class is at CPELink as self-study
    • It has been recorded with over 100 questions and answers
    • For information visit CPELink  or call  (800) 616-3822

News from TaxMama’s EA Exam Course to our Students

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