TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter Issue 82 2012

News from TaxMama’s EA Exam Course


TaxMama Family Member discount is 10% off.

  • Register for TaxMama’s EA Exam Review NOW
    •         $100 discount on the full LIVE class
      • That means Live for the rest of Part 1 (5 sessions)
      • and all of Part 2 and Part 3 – with all the bonus materials
      • and the TaxBook WebLibrary
      • Invitations to special workshops – like employer amnesty (VCSP)
      • Recordings and MP3s of all the classes we’ve already completed.
      • SPECIAL EXAM-TAKING TRAINING, like nowhere else!
      • Learn Practice Management and job development skills
    • We are setting up study buddy groups right now.
    • You get lots of extra personal help and support from Team TaxMama
    • People are starting to pass Part 1 – before we even finish.
  • If you want to see how it works – Everything you Want to Know about the EA Exam

News from TaxMama’s RTRP Course

  • The new RTRP exam is now open with instant scoring!
  • TaxMama’s recommendation for improving the ‘open-book’ navigation has been implemented.
  • TaxMama’s new 8-hour RTRP Review class is at CPELink as self-study and 2 Live sessions are scheduled.

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