TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter Issue 84 2012

News from TaxMama’s EA Exam Course

You may have started getting letters from the IRS urging you to sit for the RTRP exam.
With only about a year to go…IRS is very concerned about being able to provide a
venue for the hundreds of thousands of PTIN holders will need to complete the exam
before 12/31/2013.

So, it’s time to do SOMETHING!

Either sit for the RTRP – or the EA Exam – but do something.

Step 1 – if you plan to sit for the RTRP – SCHEDULE your appointment –
even if you don’t plan to take it until next year. If you don’t reserve your seat
in your local Prometric Testing center, you won’t have one when you want it.

Step 2 – take a review course. We will be teaching the next one online at
CPE Link on Oct 17 and October 22 .
Use discount code TaxMama to get 10% off.

Note: If you have questions – do NOT email or call me. Call CPE LINK!
(800) 616-3822 


We just started last night. You haven’t missed much at all – and it’s recorded.
So you can watch the replay.

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        • Part 1 and Part 2 – with all the downloads and bonus materials.
      • SPECIAL EXAM-TAKING TRAINING, like nowhere else!
      • Learn Practice Management and job development skills
    • We are setting up study buddy groups right now.
    • You get lots of extra personal help and support from Team TaxMama
    • Lots of people have been passing!
  • If you want to see how it works – Everything you Want to Know about the EA Exam

Nathan said (after passing Part 2 on his birthday): Thanks for the help preparing!
                One big help was using the Confidence Builder mp3. I’ve been using that lately to build
                my confidence of passing the test while letting go of trying to "know everything".
                I know I will never know it all, but I was confident that I knew enough to pass.
                This is exactly what I was looking for when I found your class.
                Thanks again for helping to focus on what’s important.

Terry said: EVA, I Still Love you and if I weren’t happily married I would ask you to marry me.
                I passed part 2 Guys, we are more than prepared for this exam… The swaps, exchanges,
                sales on the exam were simple compared to what we have been agonizing over in our study group.

News from TaxMama’s RTRP Course

  • The new RTRP exam is now open with instant scoring!
  • TaxMama’s recommendation for improving the ‘open-book’ navigation has been implemented.
  • TaxMama’s new 8-hour RTRP Review class is at CPELink as self-study and 2 Live sessions are scheduled in October.
    • There are also self study sessions – Part 1 and Part 2
    • It is recorded with over 100 questions and answers
    • You get 2 hours of ethics, as part of the 8 hours of CE credit for RTRP and provisional RTRPs
      • Part 1 and Part 2 is coming (just need to update the questions.)
    • For information visit CPELink  or call  (800) 616-3822
    • (please do NOT call me!)

Larry said:
Thank you for your assistance in passing my RTRP exam.
There were a number of questions that immediately came to my
head because of things you said during the 2 day course

Until next time,



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