Will You Pass The Enrolled Agent Exam?

Will You Pass The Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam

The barrier to entry into this exclusive club (established by congress in 1884!) is the IRS Special Enrollment Examination – otherwise known as the EA Exam or Enrolled Agent Exam.

Three different exams covering over 340 topics requiring a total of 10+ hours in the exam room – that’s why courses like ours exist. We get a lot of inquiries from people on whether they’ll pass the exam or not. Here are our favorite questions, can you spot yourself?

Will I pass if I don’t know anything about Taxes and have no experience?

You really need to have some experience and education with taxes if you’re going to pass the exam. We have, of course, helped many people pass with little or no prior experience. But those people were able to devote three or four months, full time, to studying. If you’re prepared to invest that kind of time then, this course could be a great option for you.

Your course includes learning all about the tax laws, regulations and procedures. You see, TaxMama’s® Solving The Tax Puzzle course is the heart of our review course.

Will I pass if I have no tax experience but I have a Tax education?

This is a review class; it’s for people who have both experience and education in taxes. However, if you have an education, if you made it through accounting courses, business school, or law school and learned how to study, the odds are in your favor. If however you just learned how to pass an exam and not remember anything, you’re going to struggle.

The main point of difference between TaxMama’s® course and other review courses on the market is that we actually teach you tax. We don’t think just teaching you how to pass the exam does you or your future clients any favors. If you’re prepared to knuckle down and learn the reasons and logic behind the answers, and how to prepare tax returns and deal with client issues, then this IS the course for you. You are going to pass!

And you’ll learn more than you ever expected about working in and running a tax practice – kind of the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in Taxation.

Will I pass if I have lots of Tax experience but no education?

So you’ve probably done a lot of individual tax returns. But, most likely, the software handles most of the calculations for you. Do you know how to compute AMT(alternative minimum taxes) or passive losses on your own? Do you know what a Sec. 1245 asset is? Can you define “basis?”

It’s great that you have the experience – but to pass the exam and be an effective EA you need to know the fundamentals. TaxMama’s® comprehensive review course is a great choice for you. When you actually study, you have a great shot at passing first time.

Oh yes, we will teach you how to tame your family and friends and to convince them to give you the time you so desperately need.

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, the number 1 predictor of who will pass the exam is not their background – but how much time they devote to studying. If you truly commit to this program, allocate the time, work with your study buddy, do the homework and the practice quizzes then, have a better than 90% chance that you will pass first time.

People with language difficulties or exam terrors might require two attempts. But even they generally pass with no more than two attempts. And these days, you can make those 2 attempts within the current exam window – and be an Enrolled Agent in time for next tax season.


Take a minute to read some of the glowing compliments we receive from a wide range of people who have taken the course. If you’d like to join these successful Enrolled Agents – you know what to do. Register here.

Our motto is – we always deliver more than we promise!

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