How TaxMama® Teaches you To Pass The EA Exam

How TaxMama Teaches you To Pass The EA Exam

Remember that kid at school who was dreadful at pop quizzes but always passed the end of year exam with flying colors? They’re probably failing the EA exam right about now!

Unlike the few textbooks you had to memorize for AP Spanish – the Tax Code is 10,000 pages long! Unless you’re like Dustin Hoffman’s character in RainMan it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to memorize it all. So learning to pass the EA exam by rote is pretty impossible.

Actually learn Tax

TaxMama’s® EA Exam review course gives you much more than a review. We actually teach you tax law – and procedures – and research – and so very much more. We have you preparing sample tax returns, for individuals and businesses. Better yet, we explain the nuances behind what to look for – and what to put where, or where not to put it.

We even teach you how to answer questions on topics you’ve never seen or studied before in your life.

The result is – when you’re looking at the multiple choice answers on the exam, you will be able to better eliminate the wrong answers, dramatically improving your chances of selecting the right ones.

For some people, those extra couple of points makes all the difference.

If you’re serious about passing the EA exam first time, this is the best course for you.

Image Credit: Pop Quiz by John Spencer on Flickr.

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