TaxMama’s® Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam Newsletter Issue 92 2014

Now that Tax Season is ending, what will you do first?

No, no…don’t go to Disneyland!

First – sign up for TaxMama’s®

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Everything You Wanted to Know about the EA Exam

News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course

  • We will be sending out our new student list to Gleim and FFA this week
  • Expect tax software by next week.

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The 2014 testing window will open on May 1, 2014.
The class will start on May 6th (Orientation on May 3rd)

Notes and issues brought up by students and Graduates:

  • Beware, your clients might be hit the Social Security Admin for VERY OLD debts of their parents.
    •         Do not let them pay without proof from the SSA about the source of the debt.
    •  IRS refunds are being grabbed. Immediately file a claim for refund and lawsuit to recover.
  • Anyone who comes in today – PUT THE RETURN on extension.
    •  Don’t let yourself be pressured into completing a return without a review.
    • Saturday, I prepared a return – Balance due $225,000.
      • After thinking about it, one suggestion I made reduce the tax by over $20,000
      • Another hour or two later – I had reduced it by $50,000.
      • And I may still be able to reduce it a bit more – but only because it’s on extension.
      • If I had just finalized it on the spot…
      • Tax returns MUST be reviewed for the client’s advantage.

The 2014 schedule – is here!

Click here to download the PDF

We have been answering your questions in TaxMama’s ®  TaxQuips Forum –  – at no charge
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    Anya Khemlina, EA said: Tax Mama Enrolled Agent IRS Exams Review
    Course is even more than just a high-quality review course.First of all, it
    includes the most current content covered on the SEE exam, and the materials
    are integrated so that all lectures, presentations and home-tasks work together to
    help you prepare in the most effective way. Secondly, once you sign up for this
    course you get a FAMILY and you become an important FAMILY MEMBER,
    where people around you have the same goal as you do.

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