TaxMama’s® Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam Newsletter Issue 98 2014

State of Washington Tax Commission Sales Tax Token

Tonight, Part 1 – Lecture 12 – SALES & EXCHANGES
(Note: This is the last class for Part 1)
Join us, as we learn some tricks to tax-free selling

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News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course and the IRS

  • You heard that Donald Sterling is getting $2 billion for the Clippers
    • Learn how he can get that money tax-free in tonight’s class
  • Have you reviewed your clients’ retirement benefits?
    • There’s an intense controversy in the LinkedIn Tax Court Forum about how to handle this

Everything You Wanted to Know about the EA Exam
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Notes and issues brought up by students, Graduates and the IRS:

  • Who gets the special reduced Capital Gains rates?
  • Lots of complex questions about past due tax returns, Trust Fund Recovery

    Penalties, and how to get an Offer in Compromise for clients in deep doo-doo

The 2014 schedule – is here!

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    Hiromi, a current student, said: Although I’m a self- study student, I watched the
    lecture replays as soon as I can to catch up with the class schedule, and I
    absolutely enjoy every one of them!!
    I can’t thank you enough for putting together such a valuable course.

    Deborah, a current student, said: I just want to be a part of the Tax Mama Family. 
    I have other materials, and by far you exhibit the most care for your students. 
    You’re awesome and I am praying for your health.

    Read more comments here –

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    Until next time,



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