Why Should I Chose TaxMama’s® Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam Review Course?

TaxMama's® Online EA Exam Review Course

TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course is the most comprehensive course available. And good news – it’s online! You don’t have to drive or fly far away and invest extra time and money in gas, airfare or hotels.

The fact is, every course out there does an excellent job preparing candidates for the EA Exam – or they wouldn’t still be in business, right? But most of the courses are designed to be QUICK REVIEWS (2-3 days of classes) or EXAM PREPARATION materials (software with questions and answers).

There is only one course in the entire EA Exam course field that goes far beyond those two offerings. And, it also happens to include both those qualities as well.

TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course

More than just an EA Exam review. TaxMama® gives you an in-depth tax education on all topics relevant to the IRS’ Special Enrollment Examination. You learn how to represent your clients before the IRS. In fact, students who attend the live sessions get 2 hours of CE credits for each live course – good for IRS (EA, AFSP), CPAs(NASBA), and coming soon – Bookkeepers (AIPB). (In 2017, CE will be provided for self-study, as well.)

The course includes the Gleim and Fast Forward Academy question and answer software guides. In addition to those exam preparation tools, TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course includes 12 hours of Final Review sessions per exam part (most quick reviews only provide 8 hours per exam part).


Get TaxMama’s® award-winning books – Deduct Everything! (to use for Part 1 of the EA exam) and Small Business Taxes Made Easy (to use for Part 2 of the EA Exam)

So What’s The difference?

TaxMama’s® course includes in-depth courses on tax law related to each topic. You learn tax preparation and tax planning tips, too – so you can be more valuable to your current employer – or understand how to handle your clients in your own tax practice.

In Part 1, you learn all about the rules and tax laws relating to preparing tax returns for individuals. In fact, you even get to prepare 3 practice returns and learn how to deal with missing or erroneous client information. You learn to understand basis, how to report sales and exchanges of personal and business assets, deal with gifts and estates, and a whole lot more.

In Part 2, you learn all about the rules and tax laws relating to preparing tax returns for small businesses, partnerships, C & S corporations and trusts. In fact, you even get to prepare several practice tax returns (Schedule C, Form 1065, Form 1120, Form 1120S) and learn how to deal with missing or erroneous client information. How to buy into a corporation or partnership, and deal with the distributions or dividends – or how to deal with the dissolution of the those entities.

In Part 3, you learn how to represent your client before the IRS. You learn about IRS ethical standards. But more than that, you learn how to deal with clients who have tax problems – audits and tax debts, or conflicts with the IRS. You learn what to do when a non-filer client comes to you – and how to reconstruct information. You even learn how to make those previously unfiled return audit-proof. You learn how to file offers in compromise and win audits, file IRS Appeals – and even Tax Court petitions. You even learn how to do in-depth tax research – using free tools.

Check Out The Course Details

There are more benefits…much more. You will simply have to check out the course details here to find out just how amazing and comprehensive this course really is.

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