How Much Can An Enrolled Agent (EA) Make In Salary?

How Much Can An Enrolled Agent (EA) Make In Salary?
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The answer, of course, is as much as you want!

Just as with Doctors, Lawyers and CPAs, the more you practice as an EA, the more proficient you become and the more you can charge. This is true whether you work for yourself or if you are considering full time employment with a firm

Working for yourself – You’re in Business now!

One of the attractions of being an Enrolled Agent is the ability to work for yourself, establish your own working hours and charge what you believe your experience is worth. With hourly consulting rates running from $15 to $500 an hour you have to balance your level of experience with what the market will accept.

If you’ve just passed the EA Exams and are starting out, with no experience, it’s likely you’ll be on the lower end of that scale. But the beauty of being your own boss is that there are no limits to what you can earn. If you continue to grow your business, you may even be able to breathe life into the industry and form your own large practice group of similar enrolled agents!

In fact, TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course includes a session how to earn a million dollars a year – painlessly.

Working for a firm and a salary – Security, Benefits and More!

In the course of becoming an Enrolled Agent, you learn a number of skills such as: representing clients with tax problems, responding to IRS notices, pulling transcripts, establishing installment agreements, negotiating offers in compromise. And you will learn how to make inside contacts at the IRS – for those times when the phone lines are as slow as sinners rising to heaven (to paraphrase Charles Reade).

People with experience in these areas are becoming increasingly attractive to CPA firms, law firms, financial service firms and larger companies with in-house tax and accounting departments. Starting salaries for enrolled agents in these organizations can match those for CPA candidates – since they can hit the ground running (i.e. be added to a Power of Attorney form)!

While salaries will depend on experience and location, a quick Google search for “Enrolled Agent Salary” shows average salaries for Enrolled Agents between $45,000 and over $100,000 a year!

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Find out more about Enrolled Agents

These links will give you more information about what an Enrolled Agent does and how to become one:

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