Problems With The Transcript Delivery System?

IRS Transcript Delivery System

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Here’s a recent question from the TaxMama message boards that might resonate with some of you:

“I sent my client’s POA to the CAF unit, and I signed up for e-services ages ago – but can never get into the Transcript Delivery System. Heck, sometimes, I can’t even log into my e-services account. Help!”

TaxMama® replies

Yes, e-services is a dream or a nightmare. First of all, if you signed up a long time ago, your password has changed. Due to the obvious security problems, IRS insists on changing passwords at least quarterly.

Next – you can’t find the TDS on your account. Give the e-services folks a call. 1-866-255-0654

Seriously. You won’t be on hold very long. And they are super helpful. If TDS isn’t already connected to your account, they will add it. If it’s there, they will show you how to find it.

The last time I called, the gentleman was extremely patient. It turns out that we have 3 versions of our e-services account – 2 under our current EIN, one under an expired account. Once we located the correct account, he showed me how to get what I needed.

Third, you will only be able to access your client’s account if your POA for that client is linked your CAF #. Remember, it can take about 10 days to get the POA connected, even after you upload it from your e-services account. That’s why, when I am in a hurry, I call the Hotline (PPS) and fax them my POA. They get me the records I need and fax them to me immediately. And they file my POA with the CAF unit for me.

One last note – if you need to pull records for a lot of clients on a regular basis, your life will be so much easier if you use TaxHelp Software – or PitBull Software to get the transcripts for you. Not only will you get dozens of records quickly – they also help you organize and understand the transcripts.

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