Enrolled Agent Exam Schedule


General Information on Prometrics and the Exam
Obtaining a Professional Taxpayer Identification Number (PTIN)
Registration, Scheduling and Demo

You’ll be able to take each part of the exam FOUR times during each testing window, from May 1 through the following February 28th (or 29th).

The exam is now offered globally, wherever Prometric has a facility.
FEES: The testing fee is $184.97 for each part of the examination = $554.91 for all three parts
(There is no discount for paying for all three at once – so don’t.)
(There is a $35 fee to reschedule 5-29 days before exam. Full price if 5 days before exam. No cost if 30 days or more before the exam)

Prometric Phone Numbers:
To schedule, reschedule, cancel and confirm appointments or for general testing information – call 800-306-3926

For any problems encountered during your experience with Prometric – 800-853-6769

What does the exam cover?

Click the following links to see what is covered in each part of the Exam:
Enrolled Agent Examination Topics – Part 1 Individuals (100 items)
Enrolled Agent Examination Topics – Part 2 Businesses (100 items)
Enrolled Agent Examination Topics – Part 3 Representation, Practices and Procedures

There are no pre-requisites to become an Enrolled Agent:
– You do not need any advanced college courses or training.
– There is no minimum education.
– There is no citizenship requirement.

However, you must be at least age 18.

For the full IRS and Prometric Bulletin about registration and exam information, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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You will need a Professional Taxpayer Identification Number (PTIN)
To get a PTIN, file IRS Form W-7P.

1. You can print out the IRS Form W-7P and send it in  – but don’t. It can take ages and ages.
Besides, as of March 12, 2018, it still shows the old price – so if you use this, send $181.94 per exam.
2. You can File your W-7P online using IRS’s e-services for tax professionals.
3. To get a PTIN, you will have to have a filed your own tax returns up to date.
4. Students, to get a PTIN, without a history of previously filing your own tax returns, your application will need to be processed by hand.
If you are a TaxMama student, get in touch with TaxMama for assistance – she will help you.
5. To register for e-services you will need to have your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your current or prior year Form 1040 tax return as originally filed.
You will be required to provide it along with your Name, SSN, and Date of Birth when registering.

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Now that you have your PTIN, you can register at the Prometric Site.

That’s just to get you into their system. Once you’ve registered, then you may schedule your classes.

Schedule the first class you want to take a few days after you think you’ll be ready to take the first exam. Don’t schedule the second or third until you’ve taken ONE exam, so you see how the whole thing works for you.

Note: When you sit for the exam, you will get your results IMMEDIATELY upon completion. No waiting. No mystery.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, schedule the next two exams based on your planned study schedule.

Just for fun – try out a demo of the Prometric Exam experience. It will make you feel better about the upcoming experience.
On this page you can see samples of the kinds of questions they have on each of the three exams.

You’ll be able to take each exam FOUR times during the May through February testing window.

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