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What Skills Does a Tax Preparer Need to Succeed as an Enrolled Agent (EA)?

Skills to Succeed as an Enrolled Agent (EA)

Unlike CPAs, EAs do not need to have a degree in accounting. There isn’t even a minimum education requirement. So becoming an EA just requires knowing enough about the Internal Revenue Code and Circular 230 to pass the Special Enrollment Examination. Though, that IS a tough exam – and you do have to know a […]

Why Should I Chose TaxMama’s® Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam Review Course?

TaxMama's® Online EA Exam Review Course

TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course is the most comprehensive course available. And good news – it’s online! You don’t have to drive or fly far away and invest extra time and money in gas, airfare or hotels. The fact is, every course out there does an excellent job preparing candidates for the EA Exam – or […]

How to Find a Great Enrolled Agent (EA)

So you’ve recently learned about how effective Enrolled Agents are and have decided to employ one to help you with your taxes. Before you go and get lost in a list of web results, here are a few things to consider to ensure you pick the right Enrolled Agent for your business. Professional Organizations There […]

Enrolled Agent Salary – Update 2017

Enrolled Agent Salary – Update 2017

It’s one of the first questions people ask when considering a career as an Enrolled Agent. Here’s the latest data from Average National Salary The median salary for Enrolled Agents is currently nearly $49,000 a year according to, which compares pretty favorably to the median figure of $49,500 a year for an Accountant […]

Enrolled Agent, CPA, Tax Attorney or ASFP, Which Career to Choose?

With the existence of government programs such as HARP and the Affordable Care Act, capitalization rules and late extender laws, the tax code is getting ever more complex. Regardless of whether this is a good thing, there is no doubt that the opportunity to have a great career while serving the public is alive and […]

How TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course Helps You to Pass the Exam

Register for TaxMama’s® IRS EA Exam Review Course here There are many EA exam review courses on the market and most of them cost a lot less than our course. TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course provides something no one else in the industry gives you – a total tax education. While other EA Exam review courses […]

Enrolled Agents (EAs) and CPAs (Certified Public Accountant)

Register for TaxMama’s® IRS EA Exam Review Course here Or – How to grow your practice fast! With the sheer size and scope of the accounting world it makes sense that most professional firms hire CPAs as employees. However, when it comes to the tax side of accounting, particularly in the intersection with the Federal […]

TaxMama’s® Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam Newsletter Issue 108 2014

TaxMama’s EA class has a follow-up meeting today. If you’re in the class, you got an invitation. Please send me your questions before noon today! Upcoming TaxMama Classes at CPE Link Nov 13 – 2014 Tax Update: Employees vs. Independent Contractors with Eva Rosenberg, Ea Nov 26 – Top Tax Changes for 2014 – lots […]