How The Classes Work

  • Students download secure online conferencing software to their computers which enables them to meet online, speak directly to instructors, meet in chat rooms and message instructors and other students directly
  • You get lots of personal attention. – Each exam Part includes 40-58 hours of live classes. – All classes are recorded – so you get 40-58 hours of audio recordings and replays of at least 14-23 lectures per exam. There is a sample recording below.
  • Access to all lecture notes, including forms and explanations.
  • Access to the discussion forums, including your own blog, to track your notes and exchange information with other students.

The best way to understand how the live classes work is to replay one of the sessions;

Adobe Connect Everything Replay Icon Click on the image to the left and you can experience a replay of “Everything you wanted to know about the EA Exam but were afraid to ask”

You can also:

CPE Credits”

  • IRS CPE credits are available to Enrolled Agents and OTRP.
  • NASBA CPE Credits are available to CPAs
  • At present, CTEC credit is not available for California preparers. (Hopefully in 2018)
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Course Structure

The EA Exam and therefore this EA Exam course is broken down into three parts:

  • Part 1 – Individual Taxation
  • Part 2 – Business Taxation
  • Part 3 – Representation, Practice & Procedures

Click on the Individual part to find out:

  • What You Will Learn
  • What Materials come with each part
  • The specific course outline with lecture titles and what will be covered in each lecture.
Part 1 - More Information Part 2 - More Information Part 3 - More Information

Content and Additional Materials Included:

Students get to participate in all the live sessions of the course. Each session is recorded. Everyone gets these versions of the recordings:

  • An audio/visual of the actual session later the same night or the next day. The video of the course is available within a hour or less of completion.
  • Access to the PDF file of the course lecture before each class starts.
  • An MP3 file of the recording that you can download and carry with you, within about 48 hours.

For folks whose schedules make it difficult to commit to specific times, this course is ideal because everything is recorded for you watch or listen to at your convenience. . But if you can find a way to participate in the live classes, do it. That’s where all the fun and mischief happen.

Aside from the session recordings and lecture notes you are also provided with a wealth of Books, software and additional services that will help you. TaxMama® Eva Rosenberg’s two bestselling Tax books are included in the price of registration along with Gleim, Fast Forward Academy and the Taxbook software and guides.


Course Schedule

Part 1 – Individual Taxation:

  • Orientation -Saturday May 5, 2018 at 8:00 am to 11:00 am (PACIFIC)
  • Part 1 Classes start Tuesday May 8th and run through June 16th

Part 2 – Business Taxation:

  • Orientation is on Saturday May 5, 2018 at 8:00 am to 11:00 am (PACIFIC)
  • Regular Part 2 classes start May 31st and run through August 11th (Note: There is no scheduling conflict. The last 4 Part I classes are the first 4 Part II classes, since the material overlaps on the exam.)

Part 3 – Representation, Practice and Procedures:

  • Orientation is on Saturday May 5, 2018 at 8:00 am to 10:00 am (PACIFIC)
  • Regular Part 3 classes start August 14th and run through September 29th
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