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What’s In The EA (Enrolled Agent) Exam?

What’s In The EA (Enrolled Agent) Exam?

Salvation! Economic Stability! Your Future Happiness! Oh…and don’t forget – WORK FROM HOME! It’s true, but these only arrive after you’ve successfully passed three of the toughest exams out there. You’ll find plenty more information over at Prometric’s site but here’s a quick overview of the IRS’ Enrolled Agent Special Enrollment Examination The exam is […]

How TaxMama® Teaches you To Pass The EA Exam

Register for TaxMama’s® IRS EA Exam Review Course here Remember that kid at school who was dreadful at pop quizzes but always passed the end of year exam with flying colors? They’re probably failing the EA exam right about now! Unlike the few textbooks you had to memorize for AP Spanish – the Tax Code […]

Will You Pass The Enrolled Agent Exam?

Register for TaxMama’s® IRS EA Exam Review Course here The barrier to entry into this exclusive club (established by congress in 1884!) is the IRS Special Enrollment Examination – otherwise known as the EA Exam or Enrolled Agent Exam. Three different exams covering over 340 topics requiring a total of 10+ hours in the exam […]

TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter Issue 79 2012

The 2012 EA Exam starts TODAY! If you’re ready – run out to your nearest Prometric testing center and take the exam today. Or….wait – and take our course… I spent the morning on the phone with IRS trying to get some things fixed for you. The first thing is fixed – none of the […]

TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter Issue 72 2011

News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course SIGN UP TODAY! TaxMama’s EA Exam Review – Self-Study Course Do you want 10% off on this class? Become a TaxMama Family Member! Anyone signing up TODAY only, will also get registration to next week’s LIVE Registered Tax Return Preparer Review Course. IRS News PTIN renewal has started – […]

TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – FAQs

News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course We’re getting lots of questions. No matter how much information I put up on the www.irsexams.com website, there’s always something more you want to know. So…let’s see what you and your friends have been asking. Question. I want to sign up for the live class but I will be […]

TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Early Birds

News from TaxMama’s® EA Exam Course Sonya just passed the exams! I can honestly say that prior to taking your course, my tax experience is limited to having worked in Tom’s office since August of 2009 and personally owning a partnership and several LLCs. I have been working in accounting and finance related industries for […]

TaxMama’s® EA Exam Newsletter – Issue 3, 2009

IRS News Recently TaxMama® was privy to interesting inside information from key IRS officials. IRS has an Abusive Transactions team that researches leads about tax shelters that have no tax validity. This team has a two-pronged approach. Once they’ve done their digging, they forward some information to IRS Criminal Investigation teams and the courts so […]