What are TaxMama’s® Tax Roundtable Sessions?

Sometimes, you just want a casual, friendly place to meet and talk about taxes, tax law changes, IRS alerts, your tax practice, your clients – or anything else. This is basically open-mike time to chat, meet with other tax professionals and class members.

If you send your questions or concerns to us before the session, we will start with you – then open the microphone to anyone else.

What are TaxMama’s® Final Review Sessions?

Those sessions are especially for you and your classmates. These are live sessions where you can test your knowledge and learn how to answer exam questions – especially if you don’t know the answer.

TaxMama® will guide you step-by-step through a question, helping you eliminate the wrong answer choices, giving you shortcuts on the math problems, helping you recognize the intent or focus of the question, so you’re not misled.  
Live, actual, exam-taking tips and guidance so you’ll be more relaxed and ready to sit for the exam(s).

(The videos of these sessions are available to the Self-Study/On-Demand students.)

What are TaxMama’s® Follow-up Sessions?

After all the Live classes are over, there are usually about 4 months before the Prometric testing window closes at the end of February. You’re not alone. We stay with you and set up customized classes, twice a month, to help you with the exam you are taking next.

But you must take some responsibility so there can be a session. In order for TaxMama® to create a customized session for you, YOU have to tell her what topics you’re struggling with, or the specific questions and answers that you don’t understand. With that starting point, you will get a class that will help you, personally.