Carlos Samaniego - TaxMama® EA Course testimonial

“I think what makes this course special is the class part, that sets the concepts in. The slides are invaluable for going back to also. I will definitely be joining the TaxMama® family when I am done.

You know the saying “it takes a village”, well the class, the study buddies, the information available on the site, and the knowledge base in your TaxMama® group, has been invaluable in helping me gain knowledge and direction for my tax business. From the tips to your past experiences and passing that on to us. It is a great education.

Thanks again this has been the best money I have ever spent on my business.”

Geri Ferger

“I passed all three parts on my first try. I accomplished this with the knowledge and support I received from the TaxMama® Enrolled Agent IRS Exam Review.

I am proud to be a member of the TaxMama® family.”

Anya Khemlina, EA

“I passed SEE Part 2 tonight and now have completed all three tests! I will submit my IRS application next week while home in Idaho.

I wanted to thank you again for all your help. Your classes and material made a big different with my passing.

You are so much better then those guys with the Becker CPA review course. They can’t hold water to your outstanding classes!.”

David Hockman, EA,
Idaho and the world.

“I am, no doubt, much more familiar with you (at least your voice) than you are with me. During the last months, I have spent hours listening to the recorded sessions for Level 2 and completing the homework. I sat for Level 2 this morning and passed.
Your review course is a great combination for my learning style. The use of lecture, slides, readings, and word problems are exactly the ingredients I needed to succeed.

I plan on celebrating this evening and diving into Level 3 tomorrow!”

– EK
Now that I don’t have to worry about “The exam” I can start the real learning with the wealth of resources you have provided me with. It is embarrassing to admit but I came to this class with no tax knowledge of whatsoever. I haven’t filled a single form with the IRS not even my own tax but here I am. Graduated from unconsciously incompetent to consciously competent within 5 months. Thanks to you!
It took me a while to realize how  lucky I was to find a teacher like you who is extremely diligent and passionate about what you do.
I have to say that  Your spirit is contagious. I learned so much from you but most importantly I learned to be assertive just like you.  You have also inspired me to love the area of representation. I will keep you posted on my progress.
Thank you again!
HugsAsny B
THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving us the tools to be able to make a difference in both our client’s lives and the auditor’s workloads!  Regardless of how the audit turns out, please know that the skills and tools we gained from your classes are appreciated and very useful!
Crystal A

“Today I passed the last exam from the three series, and I want to thank you for the knowledge you passed on to me.

I hope you remember every day all the good you do and how it replicates through your course. I will probably not remember a lot of specific information, such as a form number or a particular IRS penalty amount, and I am okay with that because I can always look that up.

However, I will never forget one of the stories you told:

“Take care of your clients. I have taken clients for up to three and not charging them until they get on their feet” that’s what my family would call “tzedakah.”

Tax preparation is not your primary teaching. Kindness is. Thank you for acting kosher and passing on that good energy and education, which I think will create a ripple effect of kindness among your students and their clients and so on. “

Victor Gersten


—Review from Shankar Anakavour who passed the EA Exam

— Rave audio review from EA student Dan Diffenderfer in Hawaii

Eva, I would love to express my deepest gratitude for being here for me once again. In my 10 + years career, I find myself coming back to you every time I really need to learn and understand the subject matter.
I took classes from many different providers, but never came to anything close to your level of training and care you pure into it. You should know, your species are on the verge of extinction!
You are one of the last people that I know who actually still care about people, your students, and if we actually learn something! It means a lot to me that you’re readily available during and after the class to answer real-life questions no matter how hard or trivial they may be.
I learned from you more than from any form of training. For me, to be able to tap into your head and your lifelong experience is priceless. It’s easy to find and take CE classes these days, but it is very hard to actually find one that you can learn from and most important that will get you closer to implementing it in our careers.
I am surprised but truly grateful, at the same time, to have access to someone of your profile.
Goran Lojpur

“Has anyone told you how absolutely amazing you are. You always seem to lift my spirits and encourage me when I need it the most.

This year has been more challenging to me than last. I seem to be struggling to find time to study, homework, etc. I got on here today to get the link to the board and read your last 2 post.. and once again.. you have given me the OOMPH to know that it is not too late and I can do this.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for all of us. If I don’t succeed this year I will know that it is not in my life plans right now but I will not give up. I know this is what God wants me to do and I also know that other things are in the works as well and that is why I was fortunate to have run across your website more than a year ago.”

- CW
“I must tell you now this has been one summer to remember and I have enjoyed every minute. You and your “crew” are 5 star all the way. Regardless of the outcome I have learned so much, it has been well worth the journey. I wish you Eva, Lucie, Jim and Roger… Lulu “all” the others continued success”
– EK
“I PASSED!!!!!…..had my heart in my throat while they surveyed me…big relief….
Thanks for your help…”
– BH
“Good Morning Eva, I finally got my results (on 2/2) and believe it or not I passed all three!
Thanks for all the help (along with providing my great study buddies – Sally & Kris)”
– ET

“Our IRS proctor told us that we could write up anything that we wanted to challenge right on the spot and he would send it in with the exams, so I did. Not sure how I did. I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been or should have been.

Your classes were great though. Any un-preparedness (is that a word?) was totally my doing.”

– JL
“I can never thank you enough for all the dedication and heart that you put into these classes.
We have all been very blessed to have had you as a teacher! And all the “extras” that you do – you are fabulous!!!
You have so much knowledge – thank you for sharing that with everyone.”
– JM
“I just wanted to let you know that I passed… all 3 Parts!
I’m so excited and had to let you know!
I appreciate the time you took to contact the IRS to help me get a PTIN.
Now I can do returns! Thanks for being a wonderful instructor!”
– HH
“It was very exciting and I had a blast! I met people who were prepared, unprepared, taxation experts who were stumped, accountants wanting to pass for themselves and others who were required by the firm they wanted to work for, and yes even unemployed accountants.
I did exchange #’s with a couple of people. Most studied alone or purchased books on their own. I told everyone about TaxMama’s® EA summer class, review class and of course
- RB
“Well one day is finished. There were about 200 people at the testing center in Detroit. I think I recruited two new people for your review class next year.
They are taking this year’s exam cold turkey–just looking at pubs etc. I took the printouts for your review classes (to review before each session) and they were very impressed with your approach to the exam”
- CR

Thank you very much for your help with my questions and answers, and even more importantly, sharing your thinking and reasoning about how to work through a question.

You are a wonderful teacher!

“Eva, I got my results from all 3 exams. I PASSED THEM ALL!!
I am totally shocked. I know that I studied really hard; however I thought that I guessed on way too many.
I bet they threw out a bunch from my exams or something.
I am so thankful to you. The IRSEXAM course fully prepared me to sit and pass the SEE.
Thank you for your help and dedication to your students!
Thanks again!”
- FC