Please do not sign up for the course unless you are sure this is what you want to do – and you can afford the course. You can view a sample of a course here. Since this is a live online course and there is a lot of personal time and attention invested, the following refund policy is FIRM.
Refunds must be requested within 30 days of registration or by the date of 4 scheduled class sessions after you register, whichever come first.
Your entire registration will be refunded, less the cost of the e-books and software that we have ordered on your behalf ($200.00 to $900.00 depending on the course. You will have access to the software for their subscription period — refunds from the vendors are not possible.
There is a minimum administrative cancellation fee of $100.00 to undo all the registrations for the various databases we set up for you when you registered.
(The Board, the FaceBook group, any study groups, etc.)
This cancellation fee will not be waived!
So, remember – after 30 days, please don’t ask.

Other Terms & Conditions

  • ALL of the course resources are online – you can start using most of them as soon as you log-in is active.
  • Activating your subscription to external resources such as Gleim, Lambers The TaxBook Weblibrary requires human intervention and may take up to 3 business days.
  • We will send you the Small Business Taxes Made Easy PDF e-book via separate e-mail to the email address you registered with within 3 business days.
TAXMAMA's® Guarantee