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Watch the 10-minute intro video:

Note: this video describes the 2023 course.
The 2024 course is a hybrid (partially live) course – please read the description below.

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Each class's video/audio and updated notes will be available on demand based on the schedule below.

Summer 2024 Hybrid EA Class Dates
Enroll any time - everything is recorded
Click here for the detailed calendar
(specific dates subject to change)

Live Review Sessions are on alternate Wednesdays, 4-6:30 PM Pacific Time

Part 1: Individuals
June 12 - July 3, 2024

Part 1 & 2 Common Fundamentals
July 10 - July 19, 2024
Part 1 Exam Week
Jul 21-28, 2024 (no classes)

Part 2: Businesses
July 29 - Sep 18, 2024
Part 2 Exam Weeks:
Sep 15-28, 2024 (no classes)

Part 3: Representation
Sep 30 - Nov 6, 2024

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What makes The TaxMama® EA Course so special?

  • TaxMama EA’s course is the only hybrid live online EA course – get your questions answered and doubts clarified at regular live review sessions

  • We include study tools valued at over $1,000
  • Please note that for 2024, only the review sessions are live – for regular classes we will use updated 2024 slides along with the pre-recorded 2023 videos. Everything is downloadable.
  • We teach tax law, practice and representation AND review material for the EA exams – from the ground up!
  • We guide you through several tax return samples and forms to help you see how the tax laws and procedures work for real-world clients – not just for the exams!
  • We’ll teach you how to read your clients minds, offer templates to help you start your own tax practice and screen clients, and give you priceless tips to make your professional life easier after you become an EA!
  • Students get additional, personalized test-taking mentoring in live review sessions every two weeks — two hours each! — in addition to the recorded course lectures!
  • We teach you how to overcome your fear when facing exam questions!
  • TaxMama’s courses are all recorded, you have unlimited replays of all 2024 classes (video AND audio)
  • TaxMama’s course is like a 3-year tax education in 6 months (or less)!
  • TaxMama students have access to a dedicated mentoring portal and Facebook group – even after they pass!
  • Note: Your purchase gives you access to our 2024 updates and all existing material until at least Feb 2025 (the end of the current EA exam cycle)–but your access to the software is valid for up to five years (mid-2029 for Gleim, Dec. 2025 for TaxBook but can be renewed)
  • TaxMama students can join lectures for free – every year
  • The TaxMama EA course provides up to 72 hours CE over 3 years (via Gleim) – including all 15 CE credits needed for the Reduced AFSP Certificate of Completion – helping you to improve your professional status before you get your EA credential AND to maintain it for your first EA cycle after becoming an EA
  • The TaxMama course is easy to customize to fit your needs.

ADA Information

  • For those who are blind, every lecture and Final Review session is available as a downloadable audio.
    • Also, if you are using a reader, the course’s written materials are in PDF format or Excel tables, easy for your software to read out loud.
  • For those who are deaf, every lecture has a complete PDF file, with detailed information about each lecture, that can be printed out and read.

This course is Green!

  • Since classes are online you save hours of commuting – and can simply log in from anywhere.
  • Everything in this course is online. No resources are consumed.
  • Since all courses are online, there are no poisonous emissions from driving or travel.
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